Why Take An Apprentice?

Did you know that……

80% of apprentice employers see an increase in workplace productivity.

81% of consumers prefer to use a company that hires apprentices.

88% of apprentice employers enjoy a more motivated and satisfied workforce.

83% of companies who take on an apprentice rely on them to provide the skilled workforce they need for the future.

Apprentices bring motivation, youth, vitality, energy, enthusiasm and vibrancy to your business.

They are easy to shape into the perfect staff for your circumstances and they are keen to forge a successful path in life.

So, why take on an apprentice from us?

  • WE find YOU the apprentice
  • WE arrange the interviews
  • WE do all the paperwork
  • WE oversee the training for the apprentice
  • WE look after the apprentices needs
  • WE give both the apprentice and your company full support throughout the apprenticeship.

There is generally funding available for all apprenticeships. Please contact us to find out more.

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