IOP Class 2016/2017

Congratulations to those pictured below who have all passed the Industrial Environment Awareness exam that forms part of their technical certificate required for their apprenticeship.

IOP Main

From left to right – Ian Ferguson, Robert Mellor, Luke Carnwell, Zac Heeland, Dan Blundred and Jack Matthias.

Award winning apprentices of 2016

2016 was another successful year for our apprentices which saw 4 of them acknowledged for their dedication and hard work.


Winner of the Apprentice of the Year Award – Liam Deakin. Liam is pictured here with Mike Morris and Steve Hemmings of Interdri Engineering Services.


Winner of the Advanced Apprentice of the Year Award – Max May. Max is pictured here with Tristan Weller of Coorstek , Crewe.


Winner of the Chairman’s Prize for Outstanding Performance – Kane Newton. Kane is pictured here with Simon Whiteley of Otter Controls.


Winner of the Outstanding Portfolio Award – Liam Ferneyhough. Liam is pictured here with Paul Corbishley of Turner ECS.

Apprentice Levy

In April 2017, the government will introduce an apprenticeship levy.

Companies with a paybill of over £3 million a year will be expected to make an investment in apprenticeships.

However, whether you pay into the levy or not, apprenticeship funding will change. Full details are still to be released by the government who are releasing information periodically. But it WILL mean that companies will have to make a contribution to the cost of training an apprentice.

There will still be funding available for an apprentice signed up before April 2017 and any apprentices who are currently employed will continue to be fully funded until the end of their current apprenticeship.

As soon as more information is available, we will keep you updated.

Until then, please consider your apprentice recruitment and think about getting them in place before April 2017 until the full impact of the levy is known.



SPE add an apprentice to their team.


SPE – Supporters of National Apprenticeship Week!
Staffordshire Precision Engineers have confirmed their latest employee, an engineering apprentice who has shown some of the skills required to become part of their team.
Staffordshire Precision have been firm supporters of the Apprenticeship system and we are proud to work alongside them.
Its still not too late to find your apprentice/apprenticeship with NSEGTA.

National Apprenticeship Week

14-18th March 2016 is National Apprenticeship Week.

Lets keep engineering skills alive by passing on skills, knowledge and experience to those who are willing to learn.

Contact us now to find out the advantages of hiring an apprentice and to have a look at some of the candidates we have available.

Another Winner!

NSEGTA have once again seen one of their apprentices win an Apprenticeship Recognition Award.

Nominated by his employer, Ryan Pearsall is a 2016 winner. This award showcases and celebrates the achievements of apprentices who have exceeded expectations. Ryans enthusiastic approach to learning and the initiative he has demonstrated has led to him winning this award.

Congratulations Ryan!

Rayn and Andy

Stem Ambassador

Our Head of Learning and Development, Daniel Rowley, is now a STEM Ambassador. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and this means that Daniel is able to use his knowledge, experience and skills to help deliver STEM activities throughout Stoke on Trent.Stem

The Annual NSEGTA Presentation Event

November 2015 saw NSEGTA host our annual presentation event to reward and acknowledge some of our apprentices who have excelled during the past 12 months. We have recognised the dedication, hard work and commitment shown by the award winners and NSEGTA are proud to have been alongside them to see this.

For the event, we were joined by Ryan Boot from Port Vale Football Club, who can be seen below presenting the awards and Tom Sherratt from Port Vale in the Community.

These are some of the awards that were given out during the event.


Paul Williams, Chief Executive of NSEGTA, is seen here talking to our guests from Port Vale


Paul Williams is seen here addressing the guests at the presentation event.

Ryan Hollinshead, one of our award winners, giving a brief presentation about his apprenticeship


Ryan Pearsall, another of our award winners, delivering a PowerPoint presentation about his apprenticeship


Phillip Dinardo of Otter Controls receiving the John Caulkin Award for Engineering Excellence.


Jack Ward receiving the JCB Compact Products Award for Engineering Excellence. Jack achieved this whilst working at Senior Aerospace.


Ashley Baker of Grenville Engineering receiving the NSEGTA Chairman’s prize for outstanding performance in engineering


Ryan Hollinshead of Staffordshire Precision Engineers receiving the NSEGTA Apprentice of the Year Award.


Ryan Pearsall of GE Energy receiving the NSEGTA Advanced Apprentice of the Year Award.


The apprentices who have won awards are a reflection of how the apprenticeship system works. These ARE the engineers of tomorrow.

NSEGTA are looking for a full time Engineering Training Officer/Assessor

A qualified engineer with a passion for excellence, working as a training officer you will be involved with the development and training for a wide variety of people, both young and old.

A good understanding of Health & Safety and apprenticeship frameworks or experience of NVQ’s and a D32/33 or A1 would be an advantage but not essential as training would be given.

This is not a career for someone looking to slow down but for someone who is looking to offer a tenacious, self motivated drive and commitment to a well-established and respected training organisation that is looking to grow with the right people.

Trust is a key issue as you will work on your own for a lot of the time when dealing with people in the engineering field from directors to the apprentices themselves.

You will enjoy a very rewarding and interesting career with a salary of £20,000 – £23,500 per annum.

A recognition award


This is Stuart Nixon. He has served his apprenticeship with North Staffs Engineering Group Training at one of our member companies based in Hanley called HG Rewinds. He is pictured here receiving a Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Apprenticeship Recognition Award 2015.

Why is this so special? Because it was his employers who put him forward for this award.

Stuart has always showed great potential and whilst attending Newcastle College was frequently asked by his tutor to help to guide and instruct his fellow apprentices.

North Staffs Engineering Group put Stuart in touch with a company called HG Rewinds who were looking for an apprentice and they recognised Stuarts potential from the start. Stuarts mentor has since seen him progress into a mature, capable and competent mechanical engineering machinist.

During the three and a half years he has been at HG Rewinds, Stuart has become involved in dealing directly with customers and making decisions regarding any issues or problems they may face and as a result has been praised by the customers of HG Rewinds.


Managing Director of HG Rewinds, Gareth Williams, says ‘Stuart has a diverse skill set being able to utilise and adapt to several types of equipment required to machine basically anything the customer can throw at him. His willingness to learn and his attitude to solve the problem is rare and he has now gone onto become a ‘much valued member of staff’. I can only say that it is my belief that Stuart will one day become the engineer that people will look up to and perhaps have the same drive to pass on his knowledge to others starting their employment journey.’

Works Manager for HG Rewinds, Edward Forrest, says that Stuart ‘has indeed matured into an excellent Apprentice/Engineer and his eagerness to learn more is still very evident. I am sure that he will be a great asset to HG Rewinds in the future.’

Kevin Locke of NSEGTA was Stuarts Training Officer throughout his apprenticeship and speaks highly of Stuart. He says ‘the standard of work Stuart produced for his NVQ was always of an exceptional level and although he had no previous experience in engineering prior to starting his apprenticeship, he took to it like a duck to water, learning and understanding the skills and techniques required for his role at HG Rewinds’

NSEGTA is proud of the award that Stuart has achieved and it shows that apprenticeships do work. Congratulations to both Stuart and HG Rewinds. This is what can be achieved with a positive approach and excellent support both internally from the employer and externally via NSEGTA.

Below is a very short clip of a motorised pump that Stuart himself created.


If you think you would like to get involved with an industry that could see you create something similar, get in touch with us here at NSEGTA and let us get you on the road to a successful apprenticeship.